Corporate Website Design

Our corporate client needed a new regional website along with websites for 4 offices and 3 customizable templates to use for future agents. All websites had to work well in English and French. We successfully delivered & launched 16 websites to the client and provided online training on how to use the platform for future updates and changes to their employees.

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In our partnership with Dundas Community Services, we embarked on a transformative journey, redefining their identity and creating a powerful brand strategy. Here’s a glimpse of the remarkable transformation:

Redefining Identity: We collaborated with the internal team and helped them craft new mission and vision statements that captured the heart and soul of Dundas Community Services, aligning their purpose with their future goals.

Strategic Branding: Our branding strategy pivoted to attract more monthly donors, specifically those who’ve called Dundas home for over a decade. It was a shift toward higher-value donors and a game-changer for their brand.

Fresh Logo: The mission, vision, and values found a visual voice in a stunning new logo, representing the heart of Dundas Community Services’ commitment to their community.

This transformation showcased the power of strategic branding, breathing new life into Dundas Community Services and helping them connect with their audience on a deeper level.

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In this project, we focused on designing corporate typographic logo, custom die-line beer label with original name and illustration. We also designed the beer package and promotional event t-shirt.

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Promotional Products

We develop your brand thoughtfully, so that you can use your branding elements on everything. Every logo we design & deliver to you have proper files for print, web, promotional products, and embroidery. 


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